Your name in japanese Eloy

How is Eloy written in japanese?

Eloy in japanese katakana:


Eloy in japanese hiragana:


How to pronounce Eloy in japanese?

Eloy transcribed to romaji:


Pronunciation of Eloy in japanese:

Pictures of the name Eloy in japanese:

Eloy in japanese katakana:

The name Eloy in japanese katakana characters

Eloy in japanese hiragana:

The name Eloy in japanese hiragana characters

Example sentences that contain Eloy in japanese:

Eloy wants to go to United Kingdom


eroi wa Igirisu ni ikitai to omotte imasu

Eloy and Jose Antonio are very good friends


eroi to hoseantonio wa totemo yoi tomodachidesu

Eloy now also in chinese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Eloy in chinese!

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Other names in japanese:

Name Characters
Elena エレナ
Jose Francisco ホセフランシスコ
Rosario ロザリオビーズ
Eloy エロイ
Jose Alberto ホセアルベルト
Ester エステル
Daniel ダニエル
Kevin ケビン
Paula ポーラ
Eva Maria エヴァ・マリア

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