Your name in japanese Nora

How is Nora written in japanese?

Nora in japanese katakana:


Nora in japanese hiragana:


How to pronounce Nora in japanese?

Nora transcribed to romaji:


Pronunciation of Nora in japanese:

Pictures of the name Nora in japanese:

Nora in japanese katakana:

The name Nora in japanese katakana characters

Nora in japanese hiragana:

The name Nora in japanese hiragana characters

Example sentences that contain Nora in japanese:

Nora wants to go to Mexico


nora wa Mekishiko ni ikitai to omotte imasu

Nora's friend has six trees


nora no yūjin wa 6 pon no ki o motte imasu

Nora now also in chinese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Nora in chinese!

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